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AIG Life and Retirement is now Corebridge Financial

At Corebridge Financial, we're helping people secure a better life ahead.

Budgeting for the unexpected seems counterintuitive when there are so many variables and unknowns to factor in. Yet preparing for end-of-life expenses can help your clients protect their families and give them peace of mind. 

  • Fifty-six percent of Americans say they’re living “paycheck to paycheck,” and more than half have less than 3 months’ of expenses in their emergency fund. 1, 2


Unexpected expenses and setbacks are not uncommon. Personalize our infographic flyer to start the conversation with your clients about how life insurance can help keep them protected without changing their spending or saving habits.


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Guaranteed Issue Whole
Life Insurance

Our AU+ program makes the purchase process simpler for your client AND faster and easier for you.



Quality of Life Insurance is Changing The Way Americans
Think About, Purchase and Use Life Insurance.®

The QoL SelectChoice II Accelerated Benefit Riders allow your clients to accelerate a portion of their contractual death benefit while they're still living and they guarantee a minimum benefit for qualifying chronic, critical and terminal illnesses or conditions.


QoL Value+ Protector III. It has death benefit guarantees to protect clients up to life expectancy. And with a strong cash value, your clients can generally carry their policy well beyond life expectancy. Even when stress tested, QoL Value+ Protector III can still carry to age 100! On top of that, QoL Value+ Protector III is among the top leaders for low-cost death benefit protection.


  • Tailor their coverage
  • Steamline the process
  • Get an instant underwriting path


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1. Report: 56% of American Consumers Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck. March 2021. 


2. Survey: More than half of Americans couldn’t cover three months of expenses with an emergency fund. July 2021. 


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