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At American General Life and Accident, our Quality of Life Insurance is Changing The Way Americans Think About, Purchase and Use Life Insurance.®

What if you suffer a major heart attack, stroke, or invasive cancer and don’t die? Would your family be able to maintain their standard of living if you were financially impacted by a serious illness?

Traditional life insurance is designed to provide security for your loved ones in the event of your premature death… but what if you could get life insurance you don’t have to die to use?


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AGLA’s goal is to be the number one life insurance company in the United States for America’s broad middle market consumers and Main Street small business owners!

AGLA’s innovative Quality of Life…Insurance product suite incorporates life insurance with no-cost accelerated benefit riders that allow the policy owner to access all or part of their life insurance benefit in the event of a critical, chronic and/or terminal illness or condition while the insured is still living. Quality of Life…InsuranceSM is life insurance you don’t have to die to use.


eStation 1.1

We are excited to announce the release of eStation 1.1
eStation is an American General award winning website designed to provide basic company and product information for its life insurance agents.  The website has received top honors and has been ranked excellent for Financial Professionals by Dalbar Inc.

The website is designed to be a one stop resource for information, ideas, tools and materials to assist our producers to sell and service American General Products.

In our ongoing effort to provide state of the art service to you and your life insurance practice, we have completed Release1.1 of eStation which includes the following information:
  • Access to Pending Policy data
  • Messaging (Sending & Receiving)
  • Access to commissions statements (PDF format)
  • AGLA Content on the home page
  • Newly Received Apps to Pending
  • Forms Depot
These items, previously available to you via our producer website or the @Home site, are now available to you in one place with a click on the eStation icon.  During this transition period, you will be able to access this information both from eStation and through @Home.  We will fully integrate to eStation over the next year. 
Further enhancements to eStation will be announced as they are completed.  Inforce policy information is only available to you through @Home at this time.


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