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Underwriting rate classes for
Medicare Supplement

Applicants, who would have previously been unable to obtain a Medicare Supplement policy, may now qualify for Medicare Supplement insurance coverage with our new underwriting rate classes. This major change could open your business to:

Seniors with some chronic health conditions

Customers who may not have been able to pass underwriting to switch carriers or are forced into very high cost plans because of their medical history

Couples that pay higher premiums with a different company to stay on the same plan as their spouse2 Height and weight will no longer be used to decline coverage, meaning applicants whose weight is outside the limits in the build chart may still qualify for our Medicare Supplement policy! Determining your applicant’s eligibility is easy.

Here’s how it works:1

Applicants can still be approved for Preferred and Standard rates through underwriting, just like today.

An applicant’s rate will be the Standard II or Standard III rate if: an applicant’s answer to any of the questions in Section VII, Part B of the application is ‘yes’; their weight is outside the allowable ranges for the Preferred and Standard tiers as defined in the build chart; or their weight is above the allowable range for selected conditions.3

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1. Not applicable to applicants who are eligible for open enrollment or guaranteed issue.
2. 7% Household discount applies to the new underwriting rate class.
3. Selected conditions include tobacco use, diabetes, or maintenance medications for heart and vascular conditions.


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