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A simple, affordable, benefit packed product that will help you serve more clients in the final expense market

Mutual of Omaha offers your clients many options to fulfill their life insurance needs, including Indexed Universal Life, Guaranteed Universal Life, Term Life, and Whole Life insurance policies.

Take a look at the many reasons to choose our life insurance products to meet the needs of your clients


Great Western Insurance Company (GWIC®) is elevating expectations of the life insurance industry — by offering a Final Expense plan for any client within the eligible age ranges with new instant-decisioning underwriting, no matter their health situation.

Great plans
You can go into your next client meeting knowing what to expect because we have uncomplicated your Final Expense sales using the MyEnrollerSM 4.0, which allows you to enter three plan options on one application.

1. Great Assurance® plan: This immediate benefit, first-day coverage plan is for those in good health.

  • Issue ages: 50–85 years old
  • Minimum face amount: $2,500
  • Maximum face amount: $40,000 for issue ages 50–80; $25,000 for issue ages 81–85
  • Accelerated Death benefit: lump sum payment based on the present value of the death benefit, included at no extra cost
  • Accidental Death benefit: optional rider only available at the time of issue for a small premium; pays the full face amount, in addition to the policy’s death benefit

2. Graded Benefit plan: This graded death benefit plan is for those who have some health conditions.

  • Issue ages: 50–85 years old
  • Minimum face amount: $2,500
  • Maximum face amount: $40,000 for issue ages 50–80; $25,000 for issue ages 81–85
  • 30% of face amount within Year 1; 70% within Year 2; 100% at Year 3+

3. Guaranteed Assurance plan: This Guaranteed Issue Plan requires no health screening. 

  • Issue ages: 40–80 years old
  • Minimum face amount: $1,000
  • Maximum face amount: $25,0001
  • Limited Death benefit: pays 110% of the base coverage premium minus any loan or the full death benefit if the death is accidental death within Years 1 and 2.2 After 2 years, the full death benefit amount is paid.

Optional Child/Grandchild Protection rider 

  • Available for all three plans at the time of application or during a qualifying event 
  • Add to policies with a minimum face amount of $5,000 for only $1 per month. This single monthly premium covers all eligible children and grandchildren, and there is no limit on the number of covered children or grandchildren. 
  • Pays a one-time benefit of $2,500 on the death of a dependent child or grandchild


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