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Nationwide Peak® 10 fixed indexed annuity offers a feature called the Joint Option. It gives your client the opportunity to extend the annuity’s death benefit to cover either spouse, regardless of who passes away first.


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Helping to overcome concerns about inflation


With higher inflation rates and the market uncertainty they often bring, investors need solutions that can help mitigate the impact to their portfolio and retirement income. Fixed indexed annuities are designed to help.


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Expand your business with Nationwide Peak 10

Nationwide Peak ® 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity was designed to help balance growth potential and protection. And, it can help drive the growth of your business with its competitive rates, unique index selection, and the name recognition of Nationwide. 

Nationwide Peak® 10 fixed indexed annuity and the Bonus Income+ Rider





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(1) Credited at contract issue and based on the purchase payment; added to the Income Benefit Base. (2) For the first 10 years or until lifetime withdrawal begins, whichever occurs first. (3) All guarantees and protections are backed by the claims-paying ability of Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company.

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