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Member Portal Enhancements

Dental and Short Term Medical plan customers with their respective Aetna Networks will soon be able to view their claim status in the Member Portal.

Your customers won’t have to call to check on their claims status! Customers will also be able to view and download their Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents once their claims are fully processed. We will still continue to send out EOBs by mail. These online enhancements are great added values for customers who expect us to meet them where they are. Whether they want to do business online or over the phone, we’re ready to help them in the way they prefer.

Introducing Allstate Health Solutions

June 29, 2022 We are pleased to announce that National General Accident & Health’s individual healthcare business will become Allstate Health Solutions, a brand that will give consumers a sense that Allstate will provide them with help, support and assistance for their healthcare coverage needs. Read More

National General's policies have flexible options to help you fit the right coverage to your client. Don't let your clients go unprotected into the new year!

Agents contracted with one or more of Stephens-Matthews Short Term Medical Carriers can now have access to STM Quoting on QuotIt FREE!!

EDE on Quotit

You can now quote ACA plans with NatGen Supplemental plans using Quotit!

This streamlined process uses one cart for ACA plans and Supplemental plans. Show your clients their ACA options and subsidies, plus their NatGen Supplemental options, in one combined cart with one monthly premium.

Guaranteed Issue Short Term Medical

Available now in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming

List Billing with National General requires low minimum enrollment; just two policies! 
Employer contribution is not necessary, and best of all: 

Advanced commissions are available!

Coverage Builder

This streamlined process uses one cart for ACA plans and National General Supplemental plans. Show your clients their ACA options and subsidies, plus their NatGen Supplemental options, in one combined cart with one monthly premium.

  • EDE/STRIDE technology – Using the Coverage Builder enrollment platform you will have the ability in a single shopping cart experience to sell ACA products along with National General Supplemental products.
  • Coverage Builder works like any other EDE platform – your current ACA contracts will not be changed or affected by enrolling through Coverage Builder. 

Submit the form below for a walkthrough presentation of quoting on Coverage Builder.


Here's a FACT:
40% of Americans can't cover a $400 emergency expense.

If they can’t afford a $400 expense,
how can they cover a high-deductible plan?

Don't let your clients go elsewhere for Supplemental Health Plans!

Like most Americans, your clients have probably thought about the possible disastrous financial effects of fighting off a major disease or an accident and taking time off from work to recover. Offer your clients a choice of Supplemental Health Plans to help take care of bills that health plans don’t cover, help take care of financial needs in the event of a major illness, or help provide income in the aftermath of an injury.


Our agents can use Coverage Builder to
quote & enroll an ACA plan with supplemental products in the cart!

-Better Coverage for Your Client - GREAT Commissions for You!

Three Dental Products
Everybody wants a healthy smile, and our dental plans offer clients a lot of ways to get help paying for the care they need. Our Dental portfolio can fit almost any preference with Indemnity, PPO, Copay and even Senior specific options. Offer your clients a dental plan with the benefits and pricing that fits them!

Eight Supplemental Products
Our range of Supplemental plans are built to help protect clients’ wallets in the event of an accident, critical illness diagnosis, cancer, and more. Most plans pay lump-sum benefits directly to clients that they can use any way they like – deductibles, medical expenses, even
household bills.

Three Limited Medical Products
Our limited medical plans, including National General Access, give clients affordable access to health care with set dollar amounts for office visits, lab work, and more. Limited medical plans make great supplements to primary insurance and help cover out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and coinsurance.

Medicare Supplement
Even Medicare has gaps in coverage...You can keep your age 65 and older clients covered and eliminate their out-of-pocket exposure with Medicare Supplement plans from NatGen.


Earn MORE COMMISSIONS, and GREAT REWARDS when you use Coverage Builder to enroll an ACA plan and add on National General supplemental products!


Short Term Medical

Even clients with access to group health care or ACA plans might find themselves with a gap in coverage while they wait for eligibility.

National General’s Short Term Medical plans can be a convenient, affordable option for filling those gaps. Clients can decide how much coverage they want and for how long, with individual and family options available.


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Availability and benefits vary by state.
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