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Stephens-Matthews Marketing is excited to offer you 2 New Medicare Supplement products!

Medicare Advantage
and PDP products

Humana’s annual on-line agent MAPD recertification training is now available.  We encourage all agents to complete the recertification prior to the start of the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) on October 15, 2016.

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You can have FREE access to our online Medicare Quoting!  Get instant access to the lowest Medicare Supplement rates in any zip code and view rates with or without household discounts.  You can also view carrier rate increase history, and even quote Hospital Indemnity plans for your Medicare Advantage clients.

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FAQ: Hospital Observation Care
Can Be Costly For Medicare Patients

Advantage Plus

An Advantage Plus policy can provide coverage for persons 40 years of age and up with a cash benefit paid directly to the client to cover expenses associated with:

  • Hospital confinement
  • Ambulance trips
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Skilled nursing facility confinement
  • Cancer
  • Accidental death and dismemberment

In the past year have you experienced enough “pain” to your bottom line to look at the opportunities of targeting baby boomers?

Blog added by Lloyd Lofton / December 4, 2015 /

Here are 10 good reasons why boomers need to be a part of your practice:

  • 1.  The over-50-crowd will grow 21 percent in size in 10 years
    The 18 to 49 age cohort will remain the same size, I’m not making this up, it’s Census data!
  • 2.  They buy things, lots of things
    Overall, the over-50-crowd outspends the under-50 crowd by $400 billion!  That’s more than Walmart sells annually.
  • 3.  They try new things
    Boomers were raised in front of the TV; they are not “set in their ways”.
  • 4.   They are easy to reach
    They read newspapers, they watch T.V., and they listen to the radio. They are easier to target than younger generations.
  • 5.  With a median age of 54, boomers are far from being done
    They think they are in the middle of middle age. They don’t think they will reach old age until age 75 or so. You have plenty of years of strong renewal income.
  • 6.   They use the Internet
    They search, they shop, and they buy. There may not be as many of them on social networking sites, but they are online- just as many and just as often as younger generations.
  • 7.  Some 40 percent of all boomers are already grandparents
    Over 55 percent of all grandparents alive today are baby boomers . They spend money on their grand-kids, practically without thinking.
  • 8.  They control their parents’ consumption of health care and their kids education
    They are a sandwich generation that likes being in the center of it all. Think “ham”. They like to influence everyone’s purchases-family, friends, Facebook buddies!
  • 9.  They like advertising
    Sure, they’re skeptical, but they are also fans of good advertising. They will respond to your effort if it speaks to them.
  • 10.  They are the future
    “Old’ is where the action is for the next 20 years and boomers are the new “old”, new products, business and industries will cater to the new “old.”

So what are you waiting for?
Even if you have never worked in the senior market before, Stephens-Matthews can provide you with the tools, tips and training you need to become successful in this expanding market

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Know the difference between Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue cases!

We have been getting questions about Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue situations, so we thought we would send a reminder since the Annual Enrollment Period is the perfect time to review the basics of applying for a Medicare supplement insurance plan! Although some cases are situational, CMS has defined the general difference between Open Enrollment and Guaranteed Issue.

Open Enrollment: A one-time-only; 6-month period when federal law allows you to buy any Medigap (Medicare supplement insurance) policy you want that's sold in your state. It starts in the first month that you're covered under Medicare Part B, and you're 65 or older. During this period, you can't be denied a Medigap policy or charged more due to past or present health problems. Some states may have additional Open Enrollement rights under state law.

To read more about Open Enrollment, read pages 14-15 in the 2015 Choosing a Medigap Policy

Guarantee Issue Rights: Rights you have in certain situations, like when you lose the other health care coverage, when insurance companies are required by law to sell or offer you a Medigap policy. In these situations, an insurance company can't deny you a Medigap policy, or place conditions on a Medigap policy, such as exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and can't charge you more for a Medigap policy because of a past or present health problem.

To learn more about Guarantee Issue situations, refer to pages 22-23 in the 2015 Choosing a Medigap Policy. 



At United Home Life/United Farm Family Life, we specialize in simplified issue life insurance - it's all we do.

We offer a broad portfolio of simplified and guaranteed issue life insurance products, including whole life, term, and accidental death coverage. And many of our products can be custom-tailored to meet your specific insurance needs with our additional riders and benefits, several at no cost to your clients.

eApp For Final Expense Is Here!

All Final Expense Products Still On One App! 

  • Express Issue Premier
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  • Express Issue Whole Life
  • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

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